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The Gazza family has owned and operated the company for three generations. It has been a key figure for multiple industries and for artisan companies by supplying technical items for pneumatic and steam machinery.

We focus on maintaining and strengthening relationships with our customers.

The company was initially founded to satisfy requisites needed for plant engineering in food industries and vapor installations. It has always met the demands required by industries such as steam plants, diathermic oil plants, superheated water plants, and compressed air plants.

Competenza e flessibilità ci consentono di garantire un valore aggiunto al cliente, posizionandoci nella catena di vendita tra i piccoli e medi consumatori ed i grandi produttori.

Our extraordinary competence and flexibility have allowed us to guarantee added value to our customers, and with our experience we are able to resolve customer issues and specific needs. The products we offer are the result of our continuing research to improve quality and innovation by carefully selecting our suppliers.



The company was established by Anselmo Gazza in collaboration with Cesare Bonetti company as a supplier of steam plants. The headquarter was located in Parma on Duca Alessandro Road.


Mr. Francesco Anzola joined the company and will collaborate with us until 2005.


The company began selling cement mixers, and steam-powered pumps and became the authorized Italian distributor of Worthington.


The headquarter moved to Venezia Road, Parma, and we established international relationships with companies well known in the global market.

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